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As part of our continuous research and our constant drive to introduce new products to the local market, we are pleased to also be able to offer the following two modern, stylish and fully integrated railing systems:-


     The Aluminox Railing System


A tubular system of anodised, or polyester powder coated, aluminium, the Aluminox System is based on an extremely simple design and an even simpler construction concept. Elaborately bonded with connectors and supports, this system gives a discrete, distinctive and highly pleasing aesthetic result.


Its metal elements fit in harmony together forming an elegant and inspiring look. Alternatively combined with a variety of glass products, Aluminox presents unique solutions and unlimited applications to the contemporary architectural world.


Aluminox offers substantial competitive advantages over stainless steel systems. Highly aesthetic, light weight and at a lower cost, the aluminium profiles and accessories undergo an advanced anodising treatment producing a thickness grade of at least 20 microns. This gives the system an extreme hardness, second only to diamonds, and a unique stainless steel finish. The end result is a product that is extremely resistant to various weather conditions; a product that requires low maintenance and a product that is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

     The Clear View Glass Railing System


Highly aesthetic and more importantly safe, the Clear View Glass Railing System is the ideal solution for contemporary dwellings. Especially designed for balconies, where one can sit and enjoy the surrounding views with no obstruction whatsoever, the system is also ideal for internal staircases, mezzanines and pool surroundings.


All six systems can accommodate glass up to 20mm in thickness. Laminated glass is highly recommended for safety reasons however, tempered laminated glass in float or extra clear float glass will allow for a stronger product.



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